The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation

The Foundation is a charitable trust. Its aims are to benefit the Canadian public by education, dissemination of standards, training and research. By providing lectures, information literature, awards and bursaries to trainees and grants to researchers it fulfills its mandate.

The Foundation sponsors the Julius Guild Lecture, an annual public lecture . In addition it funds the Martin Fisher award for outstanding scholarship by a student or experienced group therapist.

Board of Directors

William Powles, M.D., Kingston, Honorary Chairman
Eric Jackman, Ph.D., Toronto, Past President
Kent Mahoney, Ph.D., Calgary, President
Linda Goddard, MA, Calgary, Treasurer-Secretary
Anne Oakley, Ph.D., Toronto
William Piper, Ph.D., Edmonton
Heather White, Ph.D., Toronto

Your donation is welcome and can be sent to:

Linda Goddard, M.A.
The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation
c/o Colonel Belcher Hospital
Main Floor
1213 - 4th Street S.W.
Calgary, AB T2R 0X7

Print this out and send in.


I would like to donate $_______________ to advance the work of The Canadian Group Psychotherapy Foundation.

Address: _________________________
City: ____________________
Postal Code: _____________
A charitable receipt for the full amount will be issued. Charitable Registration #0905307-19


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