About CGPA
Aims of the Association
  • To foster and provide education and training for mental health professionals in group psychotherapy
  • To encourage and guide research in group psychotherapy
  • To set national standards for quality training, practice, and research
  • To gather together, "from sea to sea", group psychotherapists of various disciplines
Activities of the Association
  • An annual conference, altering between East and West, at which members pay reduced registration fees
  • A newsletter, the Chronicle, circulated three times annually to paid-up members
  • Committee work carried out by members
  • Organized Sections who meet regularly for program activities, and who traditionally aid in staging the annual conference
  • Support, guidance, and accreditation services to training programs
  • Provisions of standards for training, and help to trainees who cannot enroll in organized training programs
  • Encouragement to those interested in research, and a special section on research at the Annual Conference
Message from the President
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Welcome to the Web page of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (CGPA). 
If you are a practicing group clinician, or have an interest in group approaches to             psychotherapy, you have found your Canadian home. CGPA was established as a          non-profit professional society in October of 1980.  Our membership is representative    of various disciplines (psychiatry,psychology, social work, occupational therapy, nursing)  and regions from across the country. This diversity is a strength of the Association. Many CGPA members have international reputations as group therapy theorists, practitioners,    educators, and researchers. All members are committed to increasing their knowledge     about group therapy principles and sharpening their group therapy practice skills. 

The first annual CGPA conference was held October 23-25, 1980, at the Banff Springs   Hotel. This first conference attracted over 200 group therapy practitioners from across     Canada and was an exciting inaugural event for theAssociation. Since then, CGPA has     held annual conferences on an east-west alternation. In addition to Banff, we have held    meetings in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

For me, the annual CGPA conference is unique relative to other professional                   organizations. The meetings have invariably provided not only a scientificand clinical          program of exceptional quality but also social activities that emphasize education and        rejuvenation, all in an enjoyable atmosphere of warmth and collegiality. In 2001, we will   celebrate our 22nd anniversary,once again at the historic Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg.   The dates of the Conferenceare October 17-20, 2001.  Our theme this year is:               "longing to belong....experiences inside and outside the loop"

As a mental health professional interested in developing your practice, I would encourage you to join our organization. Currently, the membership ofCGPA numbers approximately 300 professionals. Our mandate is to provide learning and growth opportunities for the     membership. Many opportunitiescan be found in the workshops, process groups, panels and paper forums at the annual meeting. Training opportunities are also available in cities where there are CGPA-accredited group therapy training programs (Calgary and            Toronto) or in programs at various stages of development in Ottawa, Winnipeg, or          Edmonton and through workshops held in the local CGPA Sections (Vancouver,Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa). The Association supports           individuals interested in becoming process group leaders by sponsoring Designates for      the Institute Designate Group at the annual American Group Psychotherapy Association  meeting. CGPA is also seeking to develop innovative methods of training group               practitioners to national standards, for example, through the use of a conference -based    program or via the Web. In addition, our regular newsletter, the CGPA Chronicle,           provides vital information to assist the busy group leader. The establishment of the            Canadian Group PsychotherapyFoundation has enabled CGPA and group therapy to       become better known to the public, and will ensure the Association has support to           continue to meet training and education objectives. 

We invite you to become a part of an exciting professional society that is at the vanguard of group psychotherapy practice in Canada. Please feel free to call any of the Executive   or Committee members for more information about CGPA.                                           

Allan Sheps, M.S.W., FCGPA
Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association
Membership Information 
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All mental health professionals and students in the mental health disciplines are invited to join the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association.   Several categories of membership, reflecting varying levels of training and expertise in the practice of group psychotherapy, are offered. 
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